Donald Trump Gets Attacked By A Bald Eagle During His Time Photo Shoot

Donald Trump Gets Attacked By A Bald Eagle During His Time Photo Shoot

Angela Markus

As far as controversial presidential candidates go, we can all agree that Donald Trump has won the nomination for the most contentious. Although he is surging ahead of the other Republican hopefuls in recent polls -and attacking religious groups in the process- new footage has emerged of him being attacked himself.

Back in August, Trump was experiencing some serious competition from a very unlikely contender. In a photo shoot for Time magazine, he agreed to pose with the most American of all animals, the Bald Eagle. Looking at the pictures, one would think that the photo shoot went off without a hitch, but after watching a recently released video, we get the sense things didn’t go so smoothly.

Uncle Sam, a 27-year-old bald eagle, was hired to accompany Trump in the photo shoot for the magazine cover for Person of the Year. When Trump stood with the bird on his arm, it got a bit feisty and messed with his hair. Photographers wanted to capture a photo op with the billionaire tycoon at his desk. When Trump leaned close to the bird to retrieve something, the bird was not having it. Trump took it all in stride, however, telling the Time team after the shoot, “What you will do for a cover! This bird is seriously dangerous but beautiful.”

As it would seem the photo shoot was all in vain. Chancellor Angela Merkel beat out the brazen business man as she was named TIME ‘Person of the Year.’ The Chancellor is someone who has been widely lauded for allowing Syrian refugees into her country. Meanwhile, Trump is making headlines for his comments of how he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States if elected president.

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