This Tuna Cakes Recipe Are Exactly What You Need In Your Life

This Tuna Cakes Recipe Are Exactly What You Need In Your Life

Angela Markus

Tuna is amazing for so many reasons… let me count the ways! Despite the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and lasts long in the pantry, tuna will provide you with some essential nutrients and may have some health benefits.

You can make it into a delicious salad, a casserole, or our take on yummy tuna cakes. Watch how this tutorial take that bland tuna and turns into cakes bursting with flavor, thanks to our kitchen genius here at JumbleJoy.

You need 2—3.5 ounces of albacore tuna, ½ cup of chopped onions, 2 cloves of minced garlic, ¼ cup of finely chopped parsley, 1/3 cup crushed Wasa crackers, 1 egg, 1 lime, 2 teaspoons of Tabasco, and 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard.

Mix all of the ingredients well together. Add salt and pepper to taste at the end and make several small patties.  Drizzle some olive oil in a pan, and add the patties on low heat. Be sure to flip to ensure they are cooked all the way through.

After a couple of minutes, remove patties from the pan to a plate. At this point, you can fry the others. As you can see, a tomato salad perfectly accompanies your new favorite meal, or you can try the way we like it and go burger style!

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