Teen Sisters Describe Terrifying Experience When a Man broke Into Their Home

Teen Sisters Describe Terrifying Experience When a Man broke Into Their Home

Angela Markus

It is everyone’s worst nightmare. You’re home alone and suddenly realize that someone is trying to break in. It’s a terrifying thought, and for these teenage sisters, that fear turned into a reality.

While at their home on Hill Road in Nashville, Tennessee, 13-year-old and 16-year old sisters were frightened to hear banging on their front door. Alarmed and scared, the sisters peaked out of the kitchen window. What they saw had them running as far away as possible. Two men dressed in black were trying to break into their home. The girls ran into the bathroom and squeezed themselves into a linen cabinet to quietly called 911.

Crammed into the small cabinet, the older sister alerted 911 about the burglary in progress. The brave teen stayed on the phone with the dispatcher for 15 minutes until help arrived.

As the sisters spoke with the reporter, backed turned to the camera and still shaken up, the eldest explained her motivation for staying calm. Big sister stated that she knew staying calm would keep them safe, and if she stayed calm, her little sister would remain calm, too.

When the police finally arrived, one of the men sped off leaving the other at the house. To make matters even more terrifying, the last remaining man attempted to hide in the same room where the sisters were hiding. The criminal was promptly arrested by Metro Police. The other man was later caught with the help of a police dog after abandoning the getaway car.

The brave sisters were happy they could help with capturing two men who could have possibly done more harm to others.

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