Two Strangers Are Asked The Same Questions. Their Answer Are Beautiful.

Two Strangers Are Asked The Same Questions. Their Answer Are Beautiful.

Jamaica Bravo

A social experiment is conducted using two very different types of people. They are separated by a wall, so that neither knows or is able to see who is sitting beside them.

They’re asked two different questions. “If you could have one wish, what would it be?” and, “What makes you happy?” Seems simple right? Their responses just might bring you to tears.

Half of the responses seemed typical, answered in a way you and I may have answered. They wanted to travel, see the world. They wanted to becomes successful and obtain lots of money. They wanted better jobs. Such responses don’t seem abnormal. But it’s when you hear the other half’s responses that you second guess the first’s.

The other half responds quite differently. One girl, sitting in a wheelchair, wishes she could walk. One man wishes there to be no disease in the world. Another girl wants simply wishes to have fun with her family.

It’s clear that one set of strangers are experiencing plenty of personal hardship, whether illness or loss. When you compare the answers from each group, it’s eye-opening.

The strangers finally meet and they aren’t able to contain themselves. This social experiment will break you down to your honest core, proving you have no idea what others are experiencing until you’ve heard them speak.

“We do not appreciate life until we feel that we may lose it. Appreciate the little things, they become important when we lose them.”

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