He Was Filming His Son at The Park When He Noticed a UFO In The Sky.

He Was Filming His Son at The Park When He Noticed a UFO In The Sky.

Angela Markus

There are many videos of unidentified flying object sightings, but it is hard to determine whether they are real or a complete hoax. With Photoshop and other hight-tech applications, almost anyone can create and post real-looking UFO footage. But this one- this one is stumping us…

During a trip to the park in Kassel, Germany, a father was enjoying precious time with his son at the park. He was recording his boy climbing over the jungle gym when he caught a strange glimpse in the sky.

He points his camera to the sky and captures a massive triangle shaped object hovering above them. The father was so confused so he then uploaded the video to social media for answers. The video has since been debated as to whether the video is real or a fake.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said, “This triangle UFO was seen recently and it closely resembles a TR3B. The fact that the person blurred out the face of the kid and didn’t get the UFO in the dead center of the video is what causes me to believe this is real. Also the lighting and shading on the UFO matches that of the trees, and the bars of the jungle gym.”

However, several commenters of the video are suspicious about the authenticity. While some believed it to be true, many considered it as fake.

There have been many UFOs sightings in the past. Many people have even claimed to be abducted by UFOs. What do you think? Is this video real or not?

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