The ‘Xmas Jammies’ Family Is Back With Hilarious Thanksgiving Mashup

The ‘Xmas Jammies’ Family Is Back With Hilarious Thanksgiving Mashup

Jamaica Bravo

Whether you love the hit songs that have been all over the radio this year, or are sick to death of hearing them all overplayed, you will adore this Thanksgiving Mashup! It speaks the truth in such a humorous way that it will have you both laughing and sighing over how much you relate.

This hilarious music video can either be viewed as a fun remix or a parody of some of the most popular songs of the year, all with their lyrics slightly changed to fit the Thanksgiving theme. The Holderness family, which also brought us the “Xmas Jammies” music video last year, sings all about their Thanskgiving frustrations in a way that is oh, so, recognizable. It’s exactly how so many of us feel after laboring away to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday meal.

The video opens up on the mother of the family sitting at the busy Thanksgiving table looking entirely exhausted and as if she has just had enough. Doesn’t the look on her face remind you of exactly how it feels to have worked all day preparing food, just to sit down amidst noisy, demanding family members? We think every mom will understand that exasperated look.

But just because the mom is the central character in this mashup, doesn’t mean the husband and children aren’t equally as funny. The entire thing is done with enough wit to have you chuckling, and enough frank honesty to have you nodding your head in agreement.  We urge you to click play to hear this family’s version of hit songs that include Adele’s “Hello”, Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and the much-loved by the internet, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” and they all are equally hilarious with their new lyrics.

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