Turn a Pair of Underwear Into a Sports Bra With This Tutorial!

Turn a Pair of Underwear Into a Sports Bra With This Tutorial!

Jamaica Bravo

Take it from me, finding that extra bit of motivation to workout is oh-so worth it, because once you’ve taken a couple of weeks to build up your stamina, a series of workouts will sculpt your body in ways you would never have even imagined before. But if abs of surfer, legs of a model, and arms of a body builder isn’t motivation enough for you, maybe a new, cute clothing piece might be it! 

Thanks to this crafty lady, you can get all the benefits of working out and save yourself all that extra cash by making your own cheap DIY sports bra that will work just as well as any overpriced store-bought one!

First, take a pair of men’s underwear– we suggest a brand-new pair, unless your hubby is a clean-freak. Then, cut out that extra crotch material, but don’t  slice into the hemline. Those are going to be your shoulder straps. And… that’s it! Don’t believe me? give it a try!  

Pull it on and make sure the hemline fits just right. If the spandex isn’t quite tight enough for your underboob area, just take some needle and thread and take it in a little on the side. Watch this new clothing piece hold all your goodies in place!

Never again am I spending $20-$50 dollars on those brand-name sports bras sold at the store! This hack is awesome!  

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