Learn This Unique Method For Cooking a Steak!

Learn This Unique Method For Cooking a Steak!

Erika Carter

Who doesn’t love a good juicy steak!? Tender and succulent, steak is absolutely delicious when cooked just the right way. Steak is served in the majority of restaurants around the world and if it’s a prime cut of meat, it may cost you a pretty penny. Expensive? Well, yes. Worth it? You bet it is.

On YouTube there is a self-proclaimed Grill Master that swears by a unique method of cooking steak that is the exact opposite of what many restaurants do. The traditional way of cooking a steak is to pan sear it on both sides then pop it in the oven to finish it off.

But the folks over at the FudeHouse YouTube channel are showing us how to “flip the script” and do “the reverse sear”. They say that by baking the cut of meat first then searing it, you’ll get a juicier, more tender steak.

So, to do this unique method place your steak on a rack and into the oven pre heated to 275 degrees. Make sure the rack is low. This makes it hot enough to cook the steak without searing or browning it.

You’ll want to pull the steak out when the steak’s internal temperature is 125 degrees. Once it has reached 125 degrees, pull it out and let it rest for fifteen minutes. When the fifteen minutes has been reached get your steak into a pan and sear on each side for one to two minutes.

What makes this technique so appealing, as opposed to the traditional sear-first-bake-after approach, is that the steak will be cooked to an overall medium-rare, but have a thin layer of seared crust.

My mouth is watering already! I definitely will try this out with my husband!

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