In Just 37 Seconds You’ll See Why We Have Such Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Beauty Standards

In Just 37 Seconds You’ll See Why We Have Such Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Erika Carter

A shocking new video showing the Photoshop process has taken the Internet by storm, opening the eyes of women who have been striving to achieve unobtainable beauty standards.

In this 36-second clip, David Wolfe shows the multi-step process editors are now using on photos, turning an ordinary picture into what we now perceive as the “standard of beauty”.

Heavy makeup is applied to the model’s face and body to give the appearance of shadows and highlights for the shoot. A wig is added and styled for the appearance of long, luxurious curls. Now the real transformation begins.

Using Photoshop, any imperfections on the model’s face are initially blurred out, giving her smooth, flawless skin. Her nose is slimmed down, eyes are widened and raised, and lips are darkened and plumped. After raising her shoulder bone, her neck, arms, stomach, butt, and thighs are all trimmed down considerably. Her forearms, thighs, and neck are then stretched out, for a longer, leaner look, while her feet are shortened to look more petite. By erasing off areas of skin, her breasts are given a lift. Some additional contours on her calves and collarbones add the appearance of muscle and definition. Finally her hair and body are covered with a sun-kissed glow that eliminates any flaws in the skin, and shadows are added to give the appearance of tan, toned muscles.

The finished product not only looks like a completely different person, but portrays body proportions that are unachievable by any means. Only by computer generation can this type of look be accomplished, yet this is the standard women are holding their own personal appearance against.

It is not hard to see why we have developed a ridiculous standard of beauty, and a false sense of body image. Please SHARE the love and pass it on!