He Takes an Old Picture Frame and Turns It Into Gorgeous Art You’ll Want For Your Living Room!

He Takes an Old Picture Frame and Turns It Into Gorgeous Art You’ll Want For Your Living Room!

Angela Markus

Up-cycling is undeniably an art. It is the process of transforming old and unused items into something valuable, useful and pretty! You can look at it as your contribution to the earth because you were probably about to discard the items anyway. The best part about it is that upcycling is something anyone can partake in without special skills. Plus, who needs special skills when there are tutorial videos as simple as this one?

If you have old picture frames laying around, don’t throw them away just yet. After watching this video, you may just change your mind and craft that junk into something beautiful!

Watch how this man converts an old picture frame into gorgeous wall decor in just a few simple steps!

All he uses is a large picture frame, scissors, glue, tissue paper, paper towel rolls and spray paint.

First, he cuts the paper towel rolls into half inch circles. Then, he takes six of those circles and sticks them together, at the middle, to make a flower. He repeats the process a few times over, completing four flowers in all.

He turns the picture frame on the other side and begins to stick the flowers in a decorative fashion. The first flower is glued to the bottom left corner of the frame. He then accessorizes the flower with multiple semicircle cuts of the paper rolls. He sticks them around the flower effectuating a curly, flowery look. This man is a genius!

He follows this process all along the sides of the frame and then turns the frame over. How gorgeous is that?

He finishes his art piece by spraying it with black spray paint. The finished product is beautiful wall decor you’ll want in your home!

Just look how darling that looks on a red wall!

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