Learn How To Turn a Pillowcase Into a Laundry Bag!

DIY Laundry Bag

Learn How To Turn a Pillowcase Into a Laundry Bag!

Sophia Gioiello

When my little girl was growing up, it seemed that she was constantly pleading for a freshly designed room. From Barbie pink duvets covering her bed to baby blue skies painted on her ceilings – she was always ready for something new!

I constantly found myself stowing away the extra pillowcases and sheets – oh if only I saw this easy hand-sewn project before!

In the crafty video below, the ‘Made At Home Series’ demonstrates how to transform that unused pillowcase into the daintiest laundry bag you have ever seen! With a few stitches here, some bright ribbon there and the patterned fabric of your choice, you too can create this adorable addition to your laundry room!

The items you will need include a pillowcase, extra fabric, fusible webbing, ribbon, thread, cord, scissors, iron and a ruler. The simple steps are in the easy-to-follow video below.

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