UPS Driver Gets Jiggy After Receiving a Christmas Tip

UPS Driver Gets Jiggy After Receiving a Christmas Tip

Angela Markus

‘Tis the season for handing out holiday cheer to your favorite service men and women. Normally, around the holiday season, people are generous and give extra tips to their service men and women. Whether it is the mailman or the dog walker, they much appreciate the generosity that they receive this time of year.

When one family set up a camera outside their home, they did not think they would capture something so amazing. To show appreciation for his hard work, they gave their UPS driver a very earned hefty tip but what they didn’t expect was an awesome happy dance that he performed on their front porch.

The camera shows him arriving to the family’s home. He walks up to the home with two packages to drop off, sees the gift on the front porch and picks it up after putting down the packages. After receiving the gift, the UPS man performs a full on Irish dance which he appears to be very talented at. He then walks back to his truck and goes about his delivery. This family really made this man’s day and he definitely made theirs as well!

His dance was so unbelievably happy, he allowed the whole neighborhood to see his joy. Makes one think that must have been a great tip.

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