Little Boy Grabs a Pack of Pads at The Store and Says The Funniest Thing To Mom!

Little Boy Grabs a Pack of Pads at The Store and Says The Funniest Thing To Mom!

Angela Markus

There are some things that need to stay private, but unfortunately, sometimes, kids are the ones that let the cat out of the bag. In this hilarious clip, a little boy is trying to be helpful while he and his mother are shopping. However, this is the help that most moms can do without.

This mom kept her cool (for the most part) when her son asks an innocent question in the middle of the supermarket aisle. Ebony Clark was shopping with her boys when one grabs a large pack of sanitary napkins from the shelf and asks, “Don’t you use these for your butt?”

Thankfully mom had her camera phone ready when this little man brings over the economy sized package of Always maxi pads. At first it seems as if she is amused at the fact that her son would actually bring those over to her. She even asked him to repeat himself a couple of times. But, things get even funnier when he tries to explain or question rather, the proper use of maxi pads.

Not sure if it was an embarrassment, but Clark denied it in a confused manner. How do you respond to that? At that point, it would have been wise to do so, but the boy maintains that he knows that his mother uses the item. Insisting that she needs the product, mom sternly yelled, “Put it back.”

Without a doubt, this goes to show how much children know these days, or at least how much they think they know. It is proven time and time again that kids say the darndest things.

Have your kids ever embarrassed you like this before?

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