7 Vaseline Hacks That’ll Change Your Life Forever!

7 Vaseline Hacks That’ll Change Your Life Forever!

Genevieve Lopez

Vaseline is a tried and true skin moisturizer, but did you know that it comes with a host of other talents? It is certainly much more versatile than you think and is actually a girl’s other (and a bit less glamorous) best friend.

If the fear of cracking a filling by trying to pry open your favorite Petal Pink nail polish bottle with your teeth is getting old, try dabbing a small amount of Vaseline around the bottle before screwing on the cap. This way, the next time you’re due for a coat, it will slide right off.

Want a salon-quality manicure but lack the motor skills to pull it off? Simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline around the skin surrounding your nail with a Q-tip, carefully avoiding the nail itself, and you’ll prevent any polish from sticking to the skin.

Rough, calloused feet are a major turn-off. So, keep them soft and supple by coating them with Vaseline and putting on a pair of socks before bed. You’ll have baby soft heels by morning.

If you avoid wearing your favorite hoops because of the pain of sore lobes that result from it, rub Vaseline around the posts before putting them on. Now beauty doesn’t always have to mean pain!

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the office smelling the same way as when you arrived? Massage a thin layer of Vaseline on your skin where you spritz your fragrance and you’ll be smelling sweet all day.

Now that you know how hard Vaseline works to keep your beauty routine on track, remember to keep a jar in your purse and crown yourself the Vaseline Queen!

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