Young Girl Wants To Be A Vegetarian Because, ‘Animals Are Nice.’


Young Girl Wants To Be A Vegetarian Because, ‘Animals Are Nice.’

Erika Carter

This is a good story for any of you animal lovers out there, as I am sure most of you would be able to empathize with this precious little girl. With most children it’s hard to get them to even come close to eating their vegetables.

However, in this video, a little girl was so sad because her mom had made her “animal people” to eat for dinner. Her dad kept asking her why she so was so upset because she was crying and she just kept saying that she didn’t think people should eat animal people.

Her dad was explaining to her that farmers make money by selling animals and animal meat. The girl was still crying when she responded to her dad that pigs are nice and that’s why they shouldn’t be eaten.

Throughout the video you can hear the little girl’s father asking her if she wants to be a vegetarian and explaining to his daughter what a vegetarian is, and the entire time the little girl is so distraught because she doesn’t want to eat the nice animals. Towards the end of the video, the little girl said that she wanted to become a vegetarian.

With all of the issues that parents have trying to find ways to incorporate vegetables and other healthy food into their child’s diets, I’m sure it would be nice for some of them to be so welcoming of vegetables into their food routine.

It’s always good to teach your children where their food comes from and it’s also good to let them form their own opinions when it comes to food, just as long as they are getting proper nutrition. Even if they don’t like a certain type of vegetable, you may be able to get them to enjoy a different veggie! SHARE the love and pass it on!