She Slides Open Her Bookshelf and Turns Her Small Space Into Multiple Rooms

She Slides Open Her Bookshelf and Turns Her Small Space Into Multiple Rooms

Angela Markus

All across America, people are venturing into large cities leaving behind the tranquil suburbs. The recession of 2008 was damaging to the real estate industry; many people lost their homes. People were forced to do more with less.

The influx of people into high-density cities has increased rental rates and real estate pricing to unaffordable amounts. That has encouraged many people to find value in smaller living areas.  If you fall into that category or like well-crafted and skillful designs, you will love Anna’s home.

The video features Anna, who started her design studio in 2013. Anna is not the star of this video; the real highlight is the living space created by the mobile shelf.

Unbelievably, the living space in the video is a fully functional home.

The sliding shelf moves up and down to transform the small area into multiple rooms. One compartment of the sliding shelf moves left to reveal a well-crafted kitchen. There is a fanciful sitting area that Anna uses as a dining hall. The sliding shelf also moves to reveal Anna’s studio, her lounging area, and a walk-in closet.

The sliding door has many functions. At the end of the day, Anna rearranges the shelf again to prepare her bedroom. She pulls a bed down and retrieves pillows from a storage space. For complete privacy, Anna pulls the sliding door that blocks out everything. Lights out!

Although it may seem tiring to move the shelf back and forth, you must admit that this design is awesome. Think of the remarkable designs that can be created in a small space. I like the idea of a movie theater, a small office and an exercise room in a tiny place. The sliding shelf is perfect for a loft or basement.

What rooms would you create with the use of a sliding shelf? If you love this design, SHARE the love and pass it on.