Veteran Reunites With His Furry Friends After A Heart Attack

Veteran Reunites With His Furry Friends After A Heart Attack

Angela Markus

Dog lovers will tell you how much their dogs are a part of their families. The news of losing a dog is heartbreaking, the same way losing a family member or friend is. One Delaware veteran has had a tough couple of months. Fearful that he would lose his dogs, he did whatever he could do to get them back, but Christmas came early. Fair warning is in order: you will need tissues to get through this one.

After suffering a heart attack, the vet spent a long time in the hospital recovering. Because of his long stay, his dogs had to be taken to the First State Animal Center and SPCA in Camden, Delaware. Huffington Post reports that the arrangement was meant to be temporary, but after weeks had passed, the shelter had put the dogs up for adoption. Upon his release from the hospital, the veteran immediately went to the shelter in the hopes of retrieving his dogs, and miraculously, both of them were still there.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the $250 in adoption fees necessary to retrieve the dogs, but he was determined to raise the funds by any means necessary. True to the spirit of giving, the staff members at the shelter raised the money for him to retrieve his dogs.

After being told the news, the man broke down in tears of joy. The vet arrived to find toys, supplies, food, and his dogs waiting for him. The heartfelt reunion will definitely be one of the highlights of your day.

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