Veteran Refused To Take His Marine Corps Hat Off For His Driver’s License Photo

Veteran Refused To Take His Marine Corps Hat Off For His Driver’s License Photo

Angela Markus

If you have a driver’s license, then you know that wearing a hat or headdress that obstructs the view of one’s face in the photo is prohibited.

The only exception to the rule is religious wear that is worn every day.

One veteran did not comply with the law, and his reason will surprise you.

Alex Morales went to a California DMV for a renewal of his driver’s license. The vet refused to remove his US Marine Corp. hat.

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After much protest, citing the fact that men were allowed to wear headgear for religious reasons and the Marines was his sworn religion, the Bakersfield DMV relented on pretenses that an appeal would be filed.

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Morales’s wife shared the feat on Facebook writing:

“Today Alex went to the DMV to renew his license. When he was told to go have his picture taken he noticed that there were some men having their picture taken, these men were wearing turbins on there heads.

Alex was asked to take his hat off to have his picture taken. He said “no”, and “no” again when asked the second time. When he was asked why he would not remove his hat he said, “those men didn’t remove their head wear, I shouldn’t either”.

It was explained that this was their attire and their religion. Alex told the DMV person that what he had on was his attire and when he entered the Marines he declared an oath to the USA, and one nation under God, so that his oath was under God so just as good as his religion.

Well, the DMV people didn’t know what to do, they spoke to supervisors and called Sacramento. Alex was told, after an hour, that he could wear his hat for the picture and if there were any problems they would let him know and he could appeal their decision. He told them if there was a problem he WILL appeal it.

Alex feels no one has more right to display their head gear then a Veteran or active service person. When he left several employees at the DMV where clapping for him.”

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What are your thoughts on Morales’s choice?

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