This WWII Veteran Shows Off His Dance Moves During a Layover at Reagan Airport!

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This WWII Veteran Shows Off His Dance Moves During a Layover at Reagan Airport!

Erika Carter

Layovers are not usually events that inspire happiness. Being laid over in some unknown airport does not usually bring a smile to anyone’s face. However, one particular layover at Reagan airport turned into something truly fun and inspiring.

A group of World War II veterans were waiting patiently for their next flight. Apparently someone found a way to start some music, and three ladies offered to supply the vocals. They selected a jazzy, swing tune, and the fun began.

One elderly veteran, in particular, seemed to be especially swept up in the music. Leisurely, he sets down the clothes in his hand and walks to the edge of the open circle surrounding the singing women. Then, he lets loose.

This elderly man begins to dance with the spunk and energy of a 20-year-old. His dance steps are not the slow back and forth sway of a teenage boy at his first dance or the simple glide of a couple at a wedding — his swing-like dance steps are precise and polished.

Onlookers begin to notice and turn to watch in amazement. Unfazed, the man continues his swing. His joy is obvious and contagious. Another couple joins the floor, dancing the same lively swing. After a few moments of respectful deference, the veteran taps the man of the couple on the shoulder, asking for a turn.

And the dancing master is off again! He and his new partner shimmy and shake with even more energy. There happiness is once again clear, and it has spread to nearly every person in the crowd. Everyone is now sporting a huge, genuine smile.

With dancing and music, an inconvenient situation was transformed into an occasion of merriment. And it was all accomplished by an elderly gentlemen with a ton of spunk and some killer dance moves.

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