WWII Veterans Receive A Standing Ovation When Walking Through The Airport


WWII Veterans Receive A Standing Ovation When Walking Through The Airport

Erika Carter

Everyone loves a hero! There’s superman, batman, wonder woman and more. All these heroes, fictionally, put their lives on the line to save others from the bad guys. They fight crime and do away with evil. So who wouldn’t love a military soldier? 

Everyday there is a soldier in a far off place fighting for our country to be a safer place and to protect those who can’t protect themselves. They stop the bad guys from hurting other people and make the world feel that much safer. Every memorial day I tell all the soldiers I know, “thank you for your service.”

For Memorial Day, Brookshire Grocery Co. and Super 1 Food sent WWII veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial. It was an all-expense paid trip for the veterans of Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. This year when the veterans traveled through the Dallas Love Field airport the group was met with a standing ovation from all that were present in the terminal! I’m not talking about just a few people clapping — the whole terminal was filled with claps and cheers for the veterans walking through.

How sweet and touching! The veterans walked through the terminal in their red shirts and blue veteran hats and then the claps began!  What a wonderful way to say thank you. The veterans walked through standing tall and proud and giving thanks to all those in the terminal for appreciating their service to this country.  It’s wonderful and refreshing to know that everyone appreciates them for all they do in this country, they certainly deserve the standing ovation and so much more!

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