Man With Cancer Gives His Wife An Unforgettable Birthday Gift

Man With Cancer Gives His Wife An Unforgettable Birthday Gift

Angela Markus

The beauty of pictures and videos is that they live forever. When Kristian Anderson, 36, made an emotional birthday gift for his wife, he knew she would cherish it for life.

The Australian man made the tear-jerking expression of love while battling cancer of the liver and bowel. He even enlisted the help of actor Hugh Jackman, his wife’s favorite actor, to pay tribute alongside him. He asked the Wolverine star and he quickly obliged.

Anderson created the video for his wife’s birthday in back in 2010 to thank her for supporting him throughout his cancer treatment. Throughout the emotional clip, Anderson held up a series of cards expressing how he felt about his wife and how much she meant to him.

At one point he said, “I need you like I need a cure for cancer,” and “As long as I live, my heart belongs to you.” Kristian and his wife, Rachel Anderson, were college sweethearts living in a suburb of Sydney with their two young boys, Cody and Jakob. Sadly, a couple of years after sharing the video on YouTube, Kristian lost his fight. Thankfully, his wife and sons can keep his memory alive with his touching tribute.

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