Achieve a Fuller-Looking Ponytail in Just Minutes!

Achieve a Fuller-Looking Ponytail in Just Minutes!

Angela Markus

Ponytails are not only for the gym. This simple hairstyle never goes out of fashion, and that may be because ponytails are so versatile. There are endless ways to wear a pony:  sleek, textured, perky, straight, high, and low. We would all love a ponytail with extra volume. Follow this tutorial for the ideal look!

Kayley Melissa shows us some great tips to produce that desired look. The first thing she does is separate the hair in half, secures the top half with the hair clip then holds the bottom half tightly in a hair tie.

She then separates the bottom ponytail and inputs a mini claw clip which helps the ponytail look fuller. After letting down the top half, she selects a portion on top to tease slightly and smooths out the rest. She joins the top half to the bottom half to get the arrangement she likes and secures that with a DIY hair tie (an elastic with two pins on attached to each side).

Kayley sticks the hairpin in one side, wraps the elastic around, and secures the hairpin in the other side. She adds another claw clip to the top half to create even more volume and finishes it off by wrapping hair around the elastic.

Fast, full, and fabulous!

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