This YouTube Star Has an Educational and Inspiring Message About Waardenburg Syndrome

This YouTube Star Has an Educational and Inspiring Message About Waardenburg Syndrome

Jamaica Bravo

Waardenburg Syndrome is a little-known genetic condition. Although not many people know about it, it’s actually fairly common.

The condition primarily affects the facial features of those with a copy of the gene in each of their cells. It’s an autosomal dominant trait, meaning that if one parent has it, they are very likely to pass it on to their children. It changes the development of a child’s hair, skin and eyes. Usually, the pigment in these is removed, so that individuals with Waardenburg Syndrome often have very pale skin, sometimes white hair, and bright blue eyes.

Waardenburg Syndrome also affects the width of the spacing of the eyes, the bridge of the nose, and the formation of the lips, causing, as the lovely young Stef Sanjati puts it in the video below, an elvin-shaped nose and a pouty lip. This lovely YouTube star has Waardenburg Syndrome, just like many members of the makeup artist’s mom’s side of the family.

As an internet blogger, Stef gets all kinds of ignorant comments and questions on video posts. The Canadian explains in this video that there have been many rude questions, like “Why do you look like an alien?”, but also many kind compliments, like “How do you make yourself look so much like an elf?!”

Either way, Stef Sanjati has long since come to terms with Waardenburg Syndrome. Though the Toronto, Ontario-based blogger used to hate some of her facial features, through makeup manipulation, Sanjati has come to adore the face she was born with.

Now, Stef flaunts it with and without makeup, and ignores hateful comments from people who don’t understand. This video is simply intended to educate followers about the disorder and to clear up any confusion.

We love that Sanjati is proud of her face and body, no matter what! Everyone is genetically unique, but if you embrace and accept the parts of you that seem like flaws, you may just find that they are exactly what makes you stand out and look beautiful too!

That’s what Stef Sanjati has learned over the years, and we can all afford to learn a little something new from this proud makeup artist! Stef is lovely and we adore her bravery in posting this video!