Waitress Gives a Rude, Grabby Customer Exactly What He Deserves!

Waitress Gives a Rude, Grabby Customer Exactly What He Deserves!

Erika Carter

Everyone enjoys an afternoon out with friends. Drinks are being ordered, laughter is drifting through the crowd, and your friendly host is greeting you.

However, this is not what happens to a gentleman at an undisclosed cafe. At first glance, everyone in the cafe seems to be enjoying their time. The hostess is at the front of the cafe patiently waiting to greet customers, while two men sit at the bar a few feet away from her drinking and laughing.

A few seconds pass by and one of the men seem to ask the hostess for the check. Without hesitation the hostess walks over to the register, grabs the checkbook for the man, and then proceeds to hand it to the man’s friend. This is where things go downhill for everyone in the cafe.

The man that the hostess hands the checkbook to, decides to try and place his credit card in the hostess’s bra. The hostess quickly reacts and slaps the man’s hands away with the menus she’d been holding onto. He falls down, along with his chair, and bounces right back up hastily approaching the hostess and grabbing her from behind.

The hostess turns around once more, menus in hand, and slaps the man over the head. He goes down for a second time, but apparently the first two hits didn’t stop him. The man stands and approaches the hostess once again, this time he tries to get in her face.

However, for the third time, the hostess has had enough and delivers a mind boggling hit across the man’s head with the two menus she’s been holding onto the entire time.

The third time’s a charm in this case because the man finally goes down, and for good. The hostess with her Mayweather moves distances herself from the scene while the workers of the cafe rush over to the man who deserved it all. At first it looks as though the workers surrounding the man are trying to comfort him. However, they’re just making sure he can properly walk so they can toss him out the door.

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