This Walmart Was Empty and Abandoned For Years. How It Looks Now? You Have To See it To Believe It!

This Walmart Was Empty and Abandoned For Years. How It Looks Now? You Have To See it To Believe It!

Kendall Conners

Businesses come and businesses go. Some stand the test of time, while others not so much. For the quaint town of McAllen in southern Texas, their town Walmart met an untimely fate and sat abandoned for years.

While it’s unfortunate to see something go out of business, there’s something about abandoned locations that can be SO fascinating! I always find myself imagining its past, what the location looked like in its heyday and how it got to its empty, lonely state.

For the Walmart in McAllen once it went under, the location (which is the size of two-and-a-half football fields) sat empty and idle for years. Eventually the abandoned building fell into the property of the city.

So, instead of letting that giant piece of real estate go to waste – the city of McAllen decided to turn it into a public library! Not just any public library – this library is something dreams are made of.

See for yourself and learn more about the AMAZING McAllen Public Library here:

Image Sources: PSFK, McAllen Public Library Facebook Page, and Pulptastic


The Inside of the GIANT Abandoned Walmart – 124,500 empty square feet to be exact – Sat Empty and Abandoned


Then the Amazing Crew at The Firm of Meyer, Schere and Rockcastle, Ltd From Minneapolis Came in And TRANSFORMED It


The McAllen Library Was a HUGE Success and Was Even the Winner of the 2012 Library Interior Design Competition



The Town of McAllen Loved Their New Library! Membership Increased by 23 Percent the Year it Opened and People Have Even Lined up Around the Block to Get In!



This Library Doesn’t Just Rent Out Books – It’s Got a Café, Art Gallery and Used Book Store



It Also Has 14 Study Rooms, 64 Computer Labs, 10 Computer Labs for Kids, Two Genealogy Labs and 15 Public Meeting Spaces – Yowza



Children’s Section? Check! Soundproof Room For Teenagers? Check!



And What Library Would be Complete Without an Auditorium That Hosts Screenings, Classes and Lectures?


Just Look at All Those Youngsters Soaking up Knowledge and Having Fun Doing So!


This Isn’t Your Average Library – McAllen Public Library Has Become a Very Important Part of The Community



They Even Have Festivals



And Farmers Markets!


Talk About a Total Makeover – What Was Once an Empty, Abandoned Space is Now a Thriving Public Library. How Cool Is That? Way to go McAllen!


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