With These 2 Miracle Ingredients, Make Your Washing Machine Shiny Like New!

With These 2 Miracle Ingredients, Make Your Washing Machine Shiny Like New!

Jamaica Bravo

Is there anything more annoying when perfectly good household appliances stop working as well due to dirtiness in places you can’t quite access? Take, for example, a dishwasher that keeps accumulating food particles that fall down into the crevices when the water drains, but get shot back up all over your dishes when you restart the cycle.

Probably the most frustrating example though, is when your washing machine starts to smell like there is mold and mildew accumulating inside the machine. This is a machine made to handle water. Its makers probably should have protected it against this buildup.

Without taking the entire thing apart, what is one supposed to do? Nobody wants to have to discard a perfectly good washing machine when just a little cleaning could have it working just fine again. Thanks to this online “Clean and Sensible” tutorial, which includes pictures and instructions, we now know how to fix the washing machine problem at least!


Apparently, all you need are two products- Clorox then 16 oz of vinegar. Don’t put them together as the combination is poisonous. Instead, you’re going to use them in between machine cycles. All you have to do is mix the Clorox with an equal amount of warm water. Wipe down all accessible areas of the inside of your washer, including under the rubber sealing.

An easy way to get the muck out from under hard to scrub areas is by soaking a towel in your Clorox and water mixture, then leave it on the difficult-to-access part of your washer for about 30 minutes to allow the liquid to act on the mildew.


Once you’re done scrubbing the machine down, run on the hottest cycle once. Then, on your second washing machine cycle, add the 16 oz. of vinegar. wash3



Keep the machine set to its highest temperature for the second cycle. Now you should have a clean, mold free washing machine! Use as usual.


Happy cleaning!

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