Reuse Your Old Water Bottles To Create These Useful Tools

Reuse Your Old Water Bottles To Create These Useful Tools

Angela Markus

There are many reasons why it’s important to recycle and compost as much as possible. Reusing items helps out our Earth by conserving raw materials that make new products and reduces the need to consume precious resources.  It saves energy and money, too! To help do your part, here are some neat ideas of how you can repurpose plastic bottles.

The first use is common and quite helpful. You can cut off the top of the bottle and use it as a funnel. This is a great gadget for the kitchen, the garage, and outdoors.

Use the bottom half of the bottle to make spoons. Just cut the bottom off, then shape and heat the edges.

The third hack is pure genius. To upcycle the plastic bottle, grab some toothpicks and a lighter. You will use the lighter to heat up the cover of the bottle. When it becomes soft, carefully push the toothpick to extend the cap from the inside, but do not push straight through. Cut the tip off, and now you have a pointed nozzle to dispense a plethora of liquids and batter around the home.

You can also a make a cup. Cut the bottle in half, draw two lines around and leave a petition in the middle. Cut the marked area and connect it to the bottom of the bottle. This hack is amazing.

Finally, laminate a glass jar by cutting off the top and bottom of a plastic bottle, placing a photo between the plastic and the jar and heat with a blow gun or hair drier. Awesome!

Let us know how these hacks work out for you!

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