Learn How To Watercolor Paint On Fabric!

Learn How To Watercolor Paint On Fabric!

Sophia Gioiello

The carefree days of Kindergarten are about to make an appearance in your crazy everyday routine. Take a break from the madness for this gorgeous, home-improving craft that is just too simple to pass up.

In the easy-to-follow tutorial below, the bloggers at Ella Claire show off some watercolor painting skills that will make you feel like you’re sitting in a classroom all over again! But prepare yourselves ladies, it’s time to take your watercoloring techniques to the next level.

Instead of using regular paper as your blank canvas, they use fabric. If your living room or children’s play room is in need of a pop of color, this is for you! The colors blend beautifully, turning the plain white fabric into a pattern that is reminiscent of cotton-candy pink clouds against a baby blue sky.

First things first, it’s time to bust out that watercolor kit. Our blogger friends recommend using a kit from your local craft store because your kid’s Crayola paint won’t have the same vibrant pigment.


You can use any fabric of your choice – whether it’s a pillow case, your playroom’s curtains or a canvas purse for your weekly groceries. The only requirement is fabric medium, which allows you to use any paint on fabric. They use Martha Stewart brand and say it “works wonderfully.”


Then fill two cups with water, each half way. One will be used to wet your paints and the other will contain a combination of your fabric medium and water. You need about 1/4 cup of water and 1/8 cup of fabric medium, but they are not exact measurements.


Next use your favorite color and make sure there is plenty of pigment on your brush. Spread the bright hue all over your fabric, in any pattern you please.


Once you have finished your vibrant design, cover the entire area with the water and fabric medium mixture. The colors will begin to melt into each other, creating an eye-catching blend of hues that will stand out in any room of your home!


The last step ensures your paint will set into the fabric. Simply throw your designs in the dryer on high heat until they are completely dry. If you prefer, you can let them air dry and press with a hot iron.


How adorable is the end product?! When we come across cute do-it-yourself projects that are easy and kid-friendly, we have to share!


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