Groom Posts Funniest When-You-See-It Photo From His Wedding… Poor Thing!

Groom Posts Funniest When-You-See-It Photo From His Wedding… Poor Thing!

Angela Markus

Weddings are the best. Seeing the bride and groom showcase their love for each other in front of many family and friends is most touching. The only thing better than being invited to the wedding is being a part of the wedding party. The only problem with that is being a bridesmaid and falling at the worst possible time.

The photographer managed to capture the hilarious moment on film when the exhausted bridesmaid passed out as the groom was about to kiss his new wife.

Chicago-based groom Kevin Kennedy Ryan posted the funny snap, which sees him tenderly embracing his partner Jessie Ryan-Smith while his sibling was on the floor. Poor thing!



Kevin wrote on his Imgur page under the pseudonym, ‘DanAykroydFanClub‘, ‘My sister passed out at the exact moment the judge said “you may kiss the bride”.

The photograph sees the dapper groom and the gorgeous bride in an elegant floor-length, fishtail gown as she puckers up to kiss her man. If you pay close attention to the background, Kevin’s sister has fainted in the back of the couple. Only her legs and feet, which have come out her high-heeled shoes, are visible.

Adding more hilarity to the photo is a fellow bridesmaid, who is holding a bouquet of flowers, with a confused look on her face.

Kevin told his online followers that although it was a short ceremony, his sister didn’t consume enough. To put everyone’s mind at rest, Kevin explained that his sister quickly recovered from the incident -with only her ego bruised.

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