A Weight Loss Clinic Stole Her Identity. Hear What She Has To Say When She Gives Them a Call…

A Weight Loss Clinic Stole Her Identity. Hear What She Has To Say When She Gives Them a Call…

Angela Markus

Imagine finding out that a company is using a photograph of you to advertise its products and services without your consent. Now imagine that the enterprise is a weight-loss clinic. That is exactly what happened to vlogger Meghan Tonjes. The singer/songwriter says her image is being used without her consent by weight loss clinic SnapThin, from Hiram, Georgia. The clinic sells fat-burner and B-12 injections to its customers.

Tonjes immediately filmed a vlog after learning that her image had been stolen and posted it on YouTube. She explained that she awoke to a Facebook message from a follower, stating her image and likeness were being used as an alleged success story by the clinci. Apparently, Tonjes’ photograph was accompanied by the initials D.A., and an entirely fabricated, miraculous weight loss journey.

“I am shaking right now, I am so furious,” Tonjes said. When the called the company, the receptionist tried her best to answer Tonjes questions. The receptionist said she can’t reveal the identity of the woman but does mention the amount of weight that “D.A.” lost. She then offered to put Tonjes in touch with the doctor who works at the weight-loss facility.

At that point, Tonjes let the receptionist know that the picture is her and the weight loss journey story depicted is inaccurate. Depending on the source of the photo used by SnapThin, there may not be much her lawyer can do. Why? Facebook users routinely experience their photos being harvested and then repurposed without consent.

Tonjes regularly posts images of herself on Instagram, and became a familiar name in recent weeks due to her heartfelt video response to the fat-shaming video from comedian/actress Nicole Arbour.

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