Don’t Get Weirded Out, These Clothing Life Hacks Actually WORK!

Don’t Get Weirded Out, These Clothing Life Hacks Actually WORK!

Erika Carter

Did you know soaking a shirt in conditioner and water can unshrink it? Well, how about that you can just spray water on a wrinkly shirt to release the wrinkles? Yep. All of those simple clothing hacks are tried and true, presented by YouTuber and fashion blogger, Rachel Levin.

In this funny short video, Levin explains her go-to clothing hacks for anyone who is short on time or dollars. Her quirky personality shines through in the video as she adorably explains her favorite fashion shortcuts. One of the more shocking hacks is that you can use cheap shaving razors to remove those pesky little lint balls from older knits, like sweaters and shirts.

Her video even includes amazing facts about your body, like that your waist is actually exactly double the size of your neck. So if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to try on a pair of jeans, just wrap the waist of the jeans around your neck. If it barely touches, the jeans will fit!

Other little tasty nuggets include lemon juice to remove sweat stains, using bobby pins to fix stray sweater threads, flipping a tank top upside down to turn it into a tube top and preventing blisters by wearing dress socks with new shoes.
Try a few of them out and let us know how they worked!

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