He Noticed Strange Lights In The Sky So He Grabbed His Camera. What He Captures Is UNREAL!

He Noticed Strange Lights In The Sky So He Grabbed His Camera. What He Captures Is UNREAL!

Angela Markus

The night’s sky can be very entertaining depending on what part of the world you are in. There are numerous stars visible on a clear night, and if you are lucky, you can catch a shooting star. In this video, captured over Birmingham, England, we see several light orbs flying through the night’s sky coming in and out of view. Weird, creepy, interesting? You be the judge.

The video shows a formation of three lights falling together. In this one-minute clip, the video starts out with two lights moving in a downward direction. One orb seems to be moving faster than the rest, but soon all catch up to each other. The lights seem to be moving in a straight line, two even become one for a quick second. Then the lights disappear one after the other. One even reappears almost as fast as it disappears.

They can’t be airplanes… airplanes would not fly so close to each other like that. The lights don’t look like shooting stars either. Shooting stars often disappear after a few seconds or so. Another explanation could be military aircrafts, which is always a viable possibility.

Videos like this one are intriguing for several reasons. They entice people’s curiosity as to what it could be. Then there is a group of individuals who believe that these images could be UFOs.

According to the Daily Mail UK, in 2012 an unnamed police officer claimed he witnessed a UFO speeding across the sky near Birmingham airport while off-duty. There seemed to be no shortage of UFO believers in the Birmingham area.

Do you believe in unidentified flying objects? What do you think these orbs could be?

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