“Something Weird Flew Over My House Today…” What Is That?!

“Something Weird Flew Over My House Today…” What Is That?!

Genevieve Lopez

It’s not everyday you walk outside to admire the view and noticed a mysterious object hovering above your home. But that’s exactly what happened to Pierce Smith recently.

It wasn’t unusual for the forecast to report gloom in this neck of the woods. That’s why Pierce became extra excited to see a bit of sunlight peaking behind the dark clouds. He never anticipated to experience an out-of-this-world sighting, literally.

He walked outside, stood on his porch, and looked up to the sky. It was then he noticed a distinct dark ring hovering above his village. “What is that?” his child asked standing beside him. All he was able to comment back was, “That is so strange.” When you see it, you’ll think so too.

The ring resembles a charcoal oval moving along with the cloud. His wife rings her neighbor and tells them to take a look. “It’s like smoke coming off of it?” Pierce asks.

They couldn’t quite figure out what the dark ring was and neither can we.

Do you have any idea what it is?

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