They Asked Their Dads ‘What Makes Them Most Proud’ in This Heartwarming Video

They Asked Their Dads ‘What Makes Them Most Proud’ in This Heartwarming Video

Erika Carter

You may want to grab the tissues for this one! In this touching video, we watch as 10 fathers and their sons and daughters stand face to face. They were not told what the video entailed prior to shooting it.

The woman who organized the filming of this video grew up without knowing her father and was inspired to make this film by seeing the way her husband interacts with their kids. She wanted to make this video to show the amazing bond between a father and his children.

The participants of this video had no idea what they were supposed to be doing. But once they got to the shoot, the kids were given one question to ask their fathers — “Dad, what about me makes you proud?”

After several moments of awkwardness, a daughter finally asks this compelling question, “Dad, what about me makes you proud?”

Each father-child duo goes through the same question, and the responses from the dads are truly touching. A young boy, and quite possibly the cutest participant, asks his dad what makes him proud and his response is, “you just being yourself”.

In a very moving moment, one father explains to his son that he was the reason he chose to seek treatment for alcohol addiction. And then thanks him for it.

One of the fathers, a rather unkempt man, explains to his son that he admires his attention to hygiene. It’s hard not to laugh as you watch the son’s reaction.

A heartbreaking segment of the video is watching a daughter tell her father that she misses the chance to just check in with him. When the camera pans out, she is standing across from nobody.

Moral of the story? We don’t tell our dads that we love them enough. And it may not fully sink in until they’re gone. Celebrate your amazing dad by telling them what you’re grateful for and using the hashtag #TellThemNow.

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