What Kind of Mom Are YOU – Take THIS Quiz And Find Out!

What Kind of Mom Are YOU – Take THIS Quiz And Find Out!

Patrick Dangermond

Motherhood is a journey that is the most amazing and rewarding thing a woman can do. Being a mom completely changes your life forever, in the best way possible. As a mom, things happen in your day-to-day life that no one or nothing could ever possibly prepare you for! Changing dirty diapers doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

As your babies begin to grow into toddlers, then teenagers, then ultimately adults you get to witness them blossom right before your eyes. There’s no greater feeling than knowing your once tiny baby has grown into an outstanding, well-rounded adult. But in all the chaos of parenthood, have you ever stopped and wondered what kind of mom you are?

There’s the ‘cool mom’ who takes a laid back and relaxed approach. Completely opposite of the ‘no-nonsense mom’ who keeps a watchful and sharp eye over her little ones. Cool, no-nonsense, nurturing, natural — whatever your mothering style may be, it’s completely unique and awesome to you.

Take the quiz below and find out what kind of mom YOU are! Then share the answer with your friends and see what they got!

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