She Yells at A Kid Bagging Her Groceries. What She Says Has Everyone Disgusted!

She Yells at A Kid Bagging Her Groceries. What She Says Has Everyone Disgusted!

Genevieve Lopez

John Quinones is known for his social experiment and television series on ABC, What Would You Do? A group of actors act out disturbing situations to record the reactions of people nearby. The show deals with social issues ranging from race to e-cigarettes to spoiled brats, and even disrespectful customers.

Some of the moments get so heated that intervention happens prematurely. In this video, John and his crew are recording a young actor with Down-Syndrome named Josh, who pretends to be a young man bagging groceries dealing with disrespectful customers. Although we know this is staged, it is hard not to be enraged by the comments.

Watch as the real customers react or do not react to the actors and their comments.

The first customer, who is an actress, is pretending to be truculent to the grocery bagger who makes some pretty hurtful statements. The first customer watches in shock but says or does nothing about it. After she learns of the experiment, she told John that she did not want to get involved.

Another woman agrees with the belligerent actress and does nothing.

But not all of the customers let the comments go. One spicy mother, Linda Tapia, lets the actress have it. In fact, she told the actress that she would deck her if it were her kid. Way to go!

After the forged scene switches from the female customer to rude teenage actors, there are a lot more people who come to Josh’s aid. Some people were silent, but others like Shelly Kay turned disrespectful on the impolite teen.

The scene is staged yet again with another actor, one who is not as small as the teens or as harmless as the woman. Most of the men do not react to the disrespect, but there was one woman, who had a mouthful for the rude man.

The most profound of the unassuming customers was Karen, a special needs teacher. Her words should hit home for anyone ever thinking anything less of a person with special needs.

Isn’t this eye-opening?

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