What’s COOLER Than The Looks Of This Home? The INSIDE!

What’s COOLER Than The Looks Of This Home? The INSIDE!

Genevieve Lopez

All of your dream-home fantasies are about to be taken to the next level when you take a tour through this Alice-in-Wonderland looking home. Mexican architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica is the mastermind behind the creation of this beautiful home, calling it the Nautilus House.

Shaped as a shell, this home near Mexico City was inspired by the work of architects Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright, and needless to say,  Mother Nature herself. Home owner of this bio-shaped home must be happy as a clam, because there’s no other home on the block that looks anything like it!

Let’s take a tour into this fabulous home and see just how spectacular it lives up to it’s name!




As soon as you enter this home, you’re guided by a spiraled steps into a living room where no corners exists. The walls are of stained glass and at the perfect time, the sun glares through the glass to creates a beautiful, psychedelic pattern throughout the room.



This is an angle from inside the living room where you can fantasize yourself saying, “Welcome into my home friends! Have a seat on my customized flower-shaped sofas!”



And just when your friends thought you didn’t have any more to brag about, lead them into the entertainment room where they can relax on bed-like sofas to watch their favorite movie on the flat screen tv!



And don’t forget the fabulous marble top bathroom of blues seen only in the depths of the ocean. (Just imagine putting on your makeup using THAT mirror!)



If your friends are lucky enough to enter your bedroom, they’ll be in AWE by your circular mattress surrounded by the relaxing, minimalist decor that makes for a relaxing night’s sleep.



If it’s all too much to grasp, here’s a drawing to help you and your friends fully understand the concept of the Nautilus House- in complete amazement! 




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