Family Pleads For Help Finding 9-Week Old North Port Baby, Chance

Family Pleads For Help Finding 9-Week Old North Port Baby, Chance

Jamaica Bravo

This NBC News story is so sad and so disappointing it will have you shaking your head. This young couple lived in three separate homes, had three separate children, and none of the babies made it past infancy as a result of their parents’ neglect. How they even made it all the way to losing their third child without the authorities stepping in is beyond me.

All three of the couple’s homes were on the same street, Lullaby Road. Their first son died of acute kidney failure. Then, their second-to-last home burnt down with their second baby still inside.

After this reported tragedy, the couple moved in with a neighbor. Now that Joseph Walsh and Kristen Bury’s third child is missing, NBC news took up the story and has interviewed the neighbors on the street. One neighbor, who eventually called the cops on the parents, had quite a bit of first-hand experience with the couple.

After their last home had burnt down, she had felt sorry for them and their remaining son named Chance, named such because his mother Kristen had sworn he was “her last chance at having a child”. The three had moved in to this neighbor’s house, but she had instantly regretted her generosity.

After several instances of finding the couple doing drugs while outside while the little one was left alone and unattended inside for hours, she had been forced to kick them out. Other neighbors have also reported that the parents lived a very destructive lifestyle everywhere they went.

Now, police have arrested the couple because Chance has disappeared. When they investigated the parents’ third home, they found that the only things inside were a mattress, a comforter, and some pillows stained with small amounts of blood. The baby boy is missing and longtime family friend, Lauren Bowman, is asking that if anyone has any information they contact her at 941-861-4074. She is working closely with the authorities to find the little boy.

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