He Whispers “I Do,” Then Just Minutes Later, I’m In Tears.

He Whispers “I Do,” Then Just Minutes Later, I’m In Tears.

Ashley Rego

As soon as 26-year-old Gordon met 28-year-old single mother Kari, it was love at first sight. Having known each other for less than a year, the two were so sure they were meant to be, they had planned to marry just a few months later. Happy and in love, their story was about to get a devastating blow. 

In high school Gordon was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, but luckily he was able to beat it early on. However, 12 years later, it returned. This time around doctors gave Gordon only 2 weeks to live. 

With October much more than 2 weeks away, Gordon and Kari decided they would push the wedding sooner. On April 14th, the couple, along with the ones they loved the most, gathered together in the hospital room to witness Gordon and Kari fulfill the happiest moment of their lives

Their love story shortly came to an end as just 2 minutes after Gordon muttered his heartfelt “I do,” he passed away. Although this incredibly sad story brought me to tears, Kari’s faith keeps her head high and spirits strong. She knows that even though Gordon may not be with her now, their love is eternal, and they will one day meet again. 

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