Little Boy Covered In Frosting Denies Eating a Cupcake

Little Boy Covered In Frosting Denies Eating a Cupcake

Angela Markus

Everybody is capable of telling a little white lie, especially toddlers, since their language skills are just barely emerging. They do not have a clear idea yet of where truth begins and ends- like denying to your dad you didn’t eat the cupcake with a face full of evidence. Here is the perfect example of this is my story, and I am sticking to it.

Every once in a while you just want to eat a cupcake without anyone asking any questions, right? I am sure this little guy can relate. Dad films his toddler, Jack, whose face is completely covered with blue frosting. Apparently, Jack was at an event with his dad and there were free blue cupcakes in honor of the New York Giants.

Jack’s dad says, “Hey Jack! Did you eat a cupcake?” Jack adamantly answers, “No!” Dad asks Jack yet again, clearly not convinced, “You didn’t eat a cupcake?” Jack anwers with, “No! I want it at home!”

With a face as adorable as Jack’s, how could Dad get mad? Although it is important to reinforce honesty with our toddlers, you can’t deny this is hilarious. This little guy is too adorable with evidence all over his face.

Have you ever caught your little one in a white lie?

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