Why Did God Make Grandmothers? This Kid Will Tell Ya!

Why Did God Make Grandmothers? This Kid Will Tell Ya!

Angela Markus

We can learn a lot from children. Their simplistic view of the world can often be quite philosophical. There is no question that grandmothers are special. If it were not for them, there would be no us, literally. This little guy knows this, and his answer to why God made grandmothers will melt you! It is so genuine and touching.

His summary is perfect! Not only does he explain how important his 100-year-old grandmother is, but he says that she is also a grandma to the entire family. He sincerely comprehends the warmth and care she continually provides. His “Mamaw” sounds like a champion, that’s for sure.

This just msy be the cutest video ever, and the internet seems to agree. When you watch little children like this boy answer such thought-provoking questions, one has to wonder where in the world all this wisdom is coming from. It offers hope as to how wonderful the younger generation truly is.

After watching this video, you might just want to reach out to your grandmother. I couldn’t help but think of my own, and how much I miss her.

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