Wife Writes Heartwarming Piece About Hard Working Husband That’ll Give You All The Feels

Wife Writes Heartwarming Piece About Hard Working Husband That’ll Give You All The Feels

Angela Markus

Every little girl dreams about a life happily ever after with their prince charming. But the Blunt Blonde blogger, Jonna Miller, is finding out the hard way that life does not always turn out like that. Instead, in the most unusual of places she has a light bulb moment.

After wondering if she’d ever find her Mr. Right, it happened. She met David and after the first date she knew she was going to marry him. She quickly learned that marriage, as great as it is, also has its struggles. In her piece entitled, “If Your Working Husband Makes You Feel Lonely Do His Laundry,” she says,

I don’t ever recall the Prince in the fairytale having rough, cracked hands and crows feet before he turns 30. I don’t recall the Prince missing dinners because he was working over time or going to bed shortly after he came home to his Palace because he was so exhausted.”



Jonna opens up about the double edged sword of being married to a hard-working man. Her loneliness leads her to put unrealistic expectations on her husband,

I know I’m putting him in a lose-lose situation,” she says. “He literally can’t win. If he doesn’t work late, we won’t get the new furniture set that I HAVE to have. If he does work late, he comes home to a nagging wife who is desperate for his attention.”



But then, like a ton of bricks, it hits her, while doing laundry of all places, as she was folding her husband’s clothes she realized something that changed her,

Why did my clothes look so vibrant, clean and new? His were dingy, stained and torn. I stopped folding and just stood there, thinking. This man provides more than I deserve. If I tell him I want something, very seldom will he tell me no…



She admits to wanting to pick fights instead of appreciating his sacrifice. Nevertheless, she still has her fairytale. Only, this one is a little more realistic. She believes that the most important thing in their marriage is Christ. It is what drives them to serve each other and keeps them going when the times get rough.

Doing something as small as laundry has shown her just how much her husband loves her.

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