No Wine Opener? No Problem!

No Wine Opener? No Problem!

Kaleena Madruga

Our favorite YouTuber, that Crazy Russian Hacker is back! Though we’re always thrilled with his amazingly useful ideas, we’ve never been as grateful as we are for this new video.

All those nights we spent at a house party in the throes of frustration, trying to open wine bottles with knives, and failing miserably…if only we had seen this video back then. Well, at least we’ve seen it now and we’re pretty sure these hacks are going to be very necessary, very soon.

Whether you’re stuck on a snowy mountain in a cabin and forgot to pack the corkscrew, or at your grandmother-who-doesn’t-drink’s house on Christmas day when all the stores are closed, this video is for you. Now you don’t have to struggle through those awkward social situations this Christmas, while sober and irritable, even if you forgot to grab the portable wine bottle opener as you were rushing out the door.

Thankfully, the Crazy Russian Hacker has thought of everything, and his practical solutions to the no-wine-opener situation are all fantastic. Just in case you are in dire need of that antioxidant-filled, stress-relieving red wine this holiday, our favorite funny YouTuber is here to provide you with eight easy ways to get those bottles open! No wine opener necessary (though starting out with sobriety might be recommended!).

Several of these hacks do naturally involve the use of sharp objects and tools. Take a look at this video to see The Crazy Russian Hacker use a variety of tools to bust open his wine bottles. His techniques are funny to watch and super helpful.

No matter where we are on vacation or how few objects are available to us, at least one of the household accessories shown in this video are bound to be around somewhere. With some careful observation of this mad YouTuber’s methods, you too can muscle that cork out of the glass bottle and calm your nerves.

Social lubricant to the rescue! Share the love, pass it on.