They Sit Down With Some Wine. What Happened Next Really Threw Me For a Loop

They Sit Down With Some Wine. What Happened Next Really Threw Me For a Loop

Kendall Conners

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day of work, puttin’ your feet up and pouring yourself a big ole’ glass of wine. Red, white, rosé – does it really matter? In my opinion, wine is wine and they’re all equally delicious.

But when it comes to wine and its quality, or lack thereof, people have been known to get in some heated debates. Some claim there’s no difference between two-buck-chuck and the finest bottle of imported French wine. While others say they can taste a distinct difference just by smelling it. Then there are some people who become sommeliers and have amazing wine knowledge beyond my comprehension.

So, the girls in this video decided put it all to the test. They were given two glasses each of merlot and cabernet sauvignon. One glass was an expensive kind of merlot or cabernet, while the other was cheap (boxed or two-buck-chuck). Not knowing which was which, they tasted each wine and gave their honest feedback.

I have to say, some of their reactions are ridiculous! Whether you prefer more high-end wine or don’t care and will drink anything, you’ll find this video amusing. See what they have to say and if the average person can really taste the difference between cheap or expensive wine.

If you were put to the test, would you be able to tell the difference between boxed wine or fancy nectar of the gods? SEE if the girls in this video can!

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