These Winter Hacks Is Everything You Need This Holiday Season!

These Winter Hacks Is Everything You Need This Holiday Season!

Angela Markus

Do you love Christmas but hate the frustrations leading up to it? The holidays should be a fun time of year that you can easily tackle in a joyous and organized manner. Plan your gifts, decorate the home, and loosen your belt so you can eat the holiday away. But before you start pulling your hair out, try these really neat holiday hacks.

Youtuber Alisha Marie shows us how to get through the season with our nerves intact with her 20 life hacks. A garment bag is one of the most useful pieces in a closet, but if you were not sure what else it would be good for, check this out. Use it to store your wrapping paper.

If decorating your little Christmas trees require too much of your time, grab your plastic wrap and wrap the tree, decorations and all, and store for next year. She lists hacks that show us how to make bows, and how to apply lipstick so it stays.

My favorite hack is the substitute for the name tags on presents. Polaroids work much better and are prettier too. She shows us some of her best organizational hacks like using red plastic cups to store ornaments. If you love your cookies perfected frosted, use a rubber band. And when you see what she does with the balloons and cups, you will appreciate her genius as much as I do.

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