She Just Woke Up From Surgery And She Is NOT Happy About Something!

She Just Woke Up From Surgery And She Is NOT Happy About Something!

Kendall Conners

We’ve all seen hilarious videos of people just coming out of anesthesia saying ridiculous things. The effects of this powerful knock-out drug can take a while to wear off. In the meantime, the friend or loved one you bribed to take you to surgery is capturing it all on film.

Jayci Underwood just had her wisdom teeth out and had a hilarious reaction to the anesthesia! When she woke up she kept rambling on to her husband that she was VERY upset about something.

Apparently, when she woke up she thought she was going to look like Niki Minaj. I’m not sure why, but she went on to say, “I just want her butt.” It was the anesthesia talking, but she thought she would come out of a routine wisdom surgery with a new face and butt — because all oral surgeons throw in some plastic surgery while they’re there.

Her adoring husband tells her that she’s beautiful just the way she is. He also tries to explain to her that she only had surgery on her teeth, but that doesn’t make her feel any better!

To top it all off she is ALSO upset that she isn’t friends with Ellen DeGeneres. She just wants a giant check so she can go shopping … and help kids or something too!

This video is just too cute and if you’ve ever had surgery, I’m sure you can relate!

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