Folk Duo Plays In Wood and Is Accompanied By Wolves

Folk Duo Plays In Wood and Is Accompanied By Wolves

Jamaica Bravo

Have you ever wanted to visit a real life wolf sanctuary? Well, this band, originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, got to visit Bellvue, Colorado’s W.O.L.F. private wolf sanctuary and completely fell in love. They were so inspired by the courageous and selfless people who have set up this zone of protection for the endangered wolves, that they asked if they could film a music video for their newest song, “American Hearts”, in the sanctuary itself.

Any kind of publicity helps when you’re working with a group of predators that most people fear and don’t mind seeing dead, so the shelter workers agreed wholeheartedly. Their mission, after all, is to rescue unwanted captive-bred wolves and wolf-dogs who would otherwise die off, and give them a large fenced-off section of the woods where they can roam and live in peace, as they should be allowed to do.

In the video posted below, you can see some of those same apparently harmless wolves, listening in the background as the band, Shawn James & The Shapeshifters, filmed their entire song all in one sitting. For something so raw and unedited it is truly a beautiful, haunting piece.

Shawn James & The Shapeshifters is a five person rock band whose songs contain elements of bluegrass and metal that is difficult to describe, so they have created their own genre, called “Rock and Roar.” Their unique but intriguing sound evolves constantly and each new EP that they have produced has a different vibe. Hence, the second half of their name, “The Shapeshifters”.

If you like their unusual combination of evocative fiddle playing, sticcato banjo plucking, and fuxxy guitar sliding, than visit their website and check out a few of their other videos at Shawn James Music. Their newest album, “The Gospel According to Shawn James & The Shapeshifters” can also be purchased on iTunes. We know we’ll be indulging in their latest hits, that’s for sure! 

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