Woman Devours Pizza Seconds After a She Witnessed a Deadly Car Accident

Woman Devours Pizza Seconds After a She Witnessed a Deadly Car Accident

Jamaica Bravo

A deadly car crash occurred in Fort Greene, Brooklyn a few days ago. This is hardly an unusual event since car accidents occur all the time on the crazy streets of Brooklyn, New York. But what made this incident especially weird was what one woman was spotted on camera doing immediately after the accident.

The incident occurred at 5:26 pm on a Sunday night. A Chevrolet truck jumped the curb and ran straight into three people walking on the sidewalk. Fortunately, you can’t see it in the footage, but 30-year-old Victoria Nicodemus was hit so hard, she was sent sprawling and ended up underneath the truck. The horrible event was caught on surveillance cameras, and when police went back later to examine the footage, they were outraged — not just because they were watching the devastating accident, but because of the other woman in the footage.

She was walking by the scene of the accident, only a few feet ahead of it with slice of pizza in her hand. She turned around to look when she heard the crash, but otherwise, didn’t move a muscle to provide any assistance. Instead, after glancing a couple of times in the direction of the crash and clearly seeing the woman sprawled underneath the vehicle, she turned around and continued to devour her pizza.

Others rushed to help Nicodemus and the two others who were hit, but this woman was so absorbed in her meal, that she turned away and continued down the street. Meanwhile, Nicodemus and the other two injured pedestrians, a 37-year old and a 75-year old, were pulled out from under the truck. They were soon taken to the hospital, where Victoria Nicodemus died. The other two are in stable condition.

The driver of the truck, Marlon Sewell, was arrested for driving without a driver’s license or insurance. And the woman who strolled past eating pizza? Well, she’s fine too, and since she didn’t actually commit any crime, just failing to lend a helping hand, she certainly had quite a lot of angry internet viewers up in arms over the tapes that show her walking past the scene, eating her pizza.