Woman Discovers Bear Has INCREDIBLE Catch!

Woman Discovers Bear Has INCREDIBLE Catch!

Genevieve Lopez

There’s plenty of incredible things you can stumble upon in the wild. From wild animals to gorgeous scenery, the possibilities are endless.

As if stumbling upon a big, cuddly bear isn’t cool enough, these passerbys got a hilarious surprise when the bear does something that’s only seen in major league baseball.

The two approach the bear sitting on his behind enjoying the sunshine. They start waving at him hoping he would wave back. To no surprise the bear has no reaction to their flapping and hollering, so the two decide to sacrifice their lunch to get his attention.

No one is expecting it but as soon as the piece of bread is launched in the air and at the reach of the bear, he swipes his hefty paw and catches it with ease! When you see it, you’d think the footage was altered because his catch is that incredible!

I had to replay the video a few times just to believe it. Can you imagine what else this bear can do?

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