She Drank 28 Cans of Red Bull Every Day. Then One Day, She Wakes Up Blind…

She Drank 28 Cans of Red Bull Every Day. Then One Day, She Wakes Up Blind…

Genevieve Lopez

Lena Lupari is a twenty-six-year-old mother from Northern Ireland who was recently diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension, a neurological disorder that is characterized by increased pressure in the brain.

This disorder affects people who are obese or overweight.

She had been suffering from migraines and headaches for nearly five years, but she had no idea she suffered from this particular disorder, that is, until one frightening morning, when she woke up completely blind!

Turns out, Lena was drinking too much Red Bull. Every morning she’d wake up and have a Red Bull. By the end of the day, she would finish her 28th can of Red Bull before heading to bed.

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Red Bull’s website clearly states that a single 250ml can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, about the same as a cup of coffee.

At 28 cans a day, Lupari was consuming over 3,000 calories and 2,240 milligrams of caffeine daily. The Daily Mail states that she was unaware of the damage she was doing to her body, until she collapsed last June.

Now, Lena is hospitalized and is completely cut off of Red Bull. She has since lost 30 pounds, but has about 100 pounds more to shed before she is completely free of idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

Researchers have found that drinking more than three cups of coffee in a day can increase the risk of vision loss and blindness- and this woman took things a bit too far.

If you drink more than 5 cans of Red Bull each day, the limit that Red Bull’s website advises, please stop.

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